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Montessori Program Expands to Grade 4

-See details on our Website – go to newletters-notices

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Plan For Okotoks Schools

See the message from our Superintendent, Mr. John Bailey regarding the Plan for Okotoks Schools on our website – go … Read More »

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On Sale Now !! Big Rock Gym Strip & T-shirts

We now have Big Rock gym strips available for our Division II Students (Grade 4,5,6),  The gym strip is made … Read More »

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Okotoks Growth Community Consultation

Further to Foothills School Division #38 Okotoks Boundary Review, see the published presentation and a Feedback Form at:   http://www.fsd38.ab.ca/okotoks-growth-consultation

A Message From our Principal:

Caroline Roberts,B.Comm.,B.Ed.,M.Ed.

Leadership Philosophy: Visible, Available, Accessible and Approachable


Dedication and commitment to improving student learning are demonstrated in both a leader’s words and actions. They lead by example, are visible, available, accessible and approachable.  Leaders model a high standard of professional performance and serve as positive role models. They have high personal standards, values and ethics. They are honest, genuine, positive, friendly, trustworthy and kind. There is heart and soul in everything they do. They encourage everyone to think, act and dream big; to set big goals and to have big ideas; to always be innovative and creative. They create a caring, positive, respectful and supportive environment that empowers everyone to do their best and be involved, where individuals are compelled to step forward and not back when things need to be done. They establish and maintain a climate of high expectations and success for all students. Strong leaders are flexible, thrive in new and different situations and get excited and challenged by change. They have an enthusiastic and energetic personality and genuinely care for and about individuals. They are sincere, genuine, compassionate, thoughtful, tolerant and patient. As well as, relate well with others and have a good sense of humour. Humour is a gift of energy that puts things into perspective, helps us face difficult times or decisions and brings us closer together.