Students at Big Rock School strive for academic excellence in language learning, mathematics, social studies, science, art, music, French, health and physical education as prescribed by the Alberta Program of Studies for Elementary Schools.

Technology: Big Rock School was the first school to pioneer video-conferencing technology in the Foothills School Division.  Students are able to connect with experts and other students all over the world.  Videoconferencing technology offers excellent educational opportunities. Some of the places we have participated in shared learning sessions with are:

  • Lindsay Coulter “Queen of Green” with the David Suzuki Foundation in Vancouver.
  • Lenore Nadeau of the World Wildlife Fund in Toronto.
  • The grade 4 violinists at Cayley School.
  • Author Mary Chan and illustrator Lorna Bennett in Edmonton.
  • An archaeologist at The Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller.
  • An aboriginal elder at Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump near Fort Macleod.

Our school infuses technology into all subject areas at all grade levels.

  • Each classroom has two computer stations on the Novell network.
  • The computer lab has 26 computer stations, as well as scanners and printers on the Novell network
  • All computers on the Novell network have Internet access.
  • Classrooms have SMARTBoard (interactive whiteboards).
  • Our school library is computerized and students can search the catalog online.
  • Many classrooms are equipped with sound systems to enhance student learning and there are plans to equip all classrooms with this technology in the future.

French: French as a second language is offered to grades 4 through 6.  The primary emphasis in the French program is placed on conversational French with a secondary emphasis on written French.

Learning Support: Learning support assistance is available for students who need extra help to master the language arts and/or mathematics curriculum.  Assistance is available, on a referral basis, with speech and language therapy.  Counselling and support for parenting skills is available through the family-school liaison worker who spends 3 days per week at Big Rock School.

Music: This year the theme of the music program is Music Around the World.    The emphasis in the music program is on teaching students to read music.  As well as singing and movement, students also use percussion instruments, xylophones and recorders.A choir program is also offered to students in grade 3 to 6.

Physical Education: Big Rock School believes in developing a well rounded student. Students have scheduled physical education classes and also participate in  DQPE (Daily Quality Physical Education) in the classroom or outdoors, weather permitting.  Special programs also include a ski trip and ski lessons for grades 5 and 6, and swimming lessons at the Okotoks Recreation Centre Pool for all grade levels.  As well, in-line skating programs are offered to various grade levels.

Preschool: Big Rock School offers a preschool program to help children who will be 4 by the end of December of the current school year prepare for kindergarten.  The preschool experience enhances initiative, independence and decision-making skills, a growing sense of responsibility, and socialization in seven learning areas.  Learning centres allow children to use a wide range of materials and explore to learn in a variety of curriculum areas. Parents notice how preschool gives their children a strong disposition for learning in a school environment. Children become familiar with the expectations of teachers and are motivated and focused to take on new challenges.

Special Events: Throughout the year Big Rock School offers special cultural events for students such as performances by cultural groups and invividual performers and author and illustrator visits in the school library.  At Christmas the school eithers offers a Division I and Division II Christmas concert or a school-wide craft night.  Sudents also participate in the Geography Challangeand CanSpell competitions. Grade 6’s celebrate “Moving-Up” to junior high with a ceremony at the end of June.