Community Connection

Connect with the Town of Okotoks

This is usually the time of the year that we take part in Conservation Education Field Trips at the Environmental Education Centre, Town of Okotoks.  Our friends at the Town of Okotoks have worked together to create some on-line field trips for your students.  The online field trips include a presentation video, a main activity that kids and parents can do at home, and other activities and resources to support the learning topic. Some of the activities encourage families to get out into nature to make observations, while others are ones that can be done at home.

Check it out at: www.okotoks.ca/educationresources


Connect with Calgary's Child Magazine

We are proud to announce our new Calgary’s Child at Home digital editions! Inside the pages of these special online edition, you’ll find local resources and support – plus, lots of fun activities and ideas to help keep everyone entertained. We will be publishing these online editions regularly until you can see us on stands again!

You'll find the link on at http://www.calgaryschild.com