Classroom Program Innovative Projects

Foothills School Division Board of Trustees announced the distribution of $149,500 to grassroots learning opportunities during their June 21, 2017 Board Meeting.  This funding, part of the Board’s commitment of $1 million dollars over 5 years, will be used to support projects that will provide innovative and creative learning opportunities that will enhance student learning across the Division.

Board Chair Christine Pretty said, “We are excited to support projects that will enhance and improve excellence in student learning through creative practice and collaboration. We are looking forward to sharing these innovative projects and their results across the Division and with the community.”




Oilfields / Millarville / Highwood / Senator Riley / Okotoks Junior High / Westmount / Spitzee Schools


Allowing 29 teachers and administrators to become actively involved in Harvard Project Zero by providing tuition.  Staff will learn strategies for developing critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration with students.




Foothills Composite High School


Designing personalized and supportive blended learning experiences which balance the flexibility of an online setting with face-to-face teacher instruction.


Westmount School


Provide students and teachers the opportunity to raise fish in the classroom over a 4-5 month period before releases the trout during a school fieldtrip.


Dr. Morris Gibson School


Creation of a Doc’s Design Lab space above the Learning Commons. This space will become the hub for innovation, critical thinking, problem solving, global citizenship and collaboration at the school.




Blackie School


Conducting an Action Research project to measure the effect of structured and unstructured movement and physical activity while in the classroom on learning outcomes for students. 


Cayley School


Students will be introduced to five project-based modules over the year focusing on art, craft, and the importance of storytelling to provide experiential learning opportunities for students from Grades K-8.  This project emphasizes First Nations, Metis and Inuit perspectives as well as focuses on recommendations from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. 




C. Ian McLaren School


Thoughtbooks will be provided for all in Grades 3-5, providing a means to develop and sustain student’s critical and creative thinking.


Oilfields High School


Providing the necessary technology for Oilfields to develop a photography course, helping to celebrate student accomplishments and develop student skills.