French Immersion - Late Entry Survey

Would you like for your child to become bilingual?

Did you miss the opportunity to enroll your child in early French Immersion?

It may not too late to learn a second language!


Would you consider enrolling your son or daughter into Grade 5 Late Entry French Immersion, a potential new program to be offered in the fall of 2018 at École Percy Pegler School?

Foothills School Division is considering offering a second entry point into French Immersion. By offering an alternative entry point, more children would be able to achieve a high level of functional fluency in French, Canada’s second official language and as a result, reap the multiple benefits of bilingualism.

This program is designed for students who are not French. The students learn in French rather than about French. 75% of their studies will be in French for the first four years of the program. In Grade 9, they can successfully join their peers in the early French Immersion program.

From the research compiled on late entry French Immersion, it has been repeatedly proven that students perform very well in all areas of their studies. Students who take advantage of the program often find they have a head start in learning other languages, which is a tremendous asset as they venture out into our increasingly interconnected world. Some additional benefits include a positive impact on English literacy skills, increased cognitive ability, enhanced problem-solving skills, flexibility in thinking, broader cross-cultural competencies, preparation for the world of work and more post-secondary opportunities.

Late Entry French Immersion is appealing to many families across Canada who feel their child is more capable of adapting to challenges in learning a second language in an intensive environment. In addition, students already have a solid foundation in English Language Arts which helps them transfer knowledge between the two languages.


Is Late Entry French Immersion a program you would consider for your child?

Please complete this survey by January 31, 2018.


Questions?  Contact Lesley Doell, French Immersion Facilitator at 403-422-1015 or lockhart-doelll@fsd38.ab.ca